Thursday September 22, 2011

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In this section of our Prayers and Reflections Resource Center, we’ve gathered prayers suggested by members of our community. Feel free to browse the prayers others have posted, or submit one of your own!

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from Sufi Mystic
Submitted By:
WHen things get difficult, this prayer shows that there are other ways out, otehr ways to achieve your goals. You just need to approach something from another point of view..

Great Muslim Prayer
Submitted By:
This prayer shows that true Islam is about peace. ..

Jelaluddin Rumi
Submitted By:
This is a fantastic prayer telling you to enjoy life...

Ya Allah, Ya Muhammad, Ya Ali
Submitted By:
We are all in this together. Our Muslim brothers and sisters are all on the same journey as us..

Sufi Prayer
Submitted By:
This is a lovely little saying that I have up on my board at work. It reminds me to enjoy life..

Allah is the light of the heavens and of the earth
Submitted By:
I'm not sure where this comes from but it is hauntingly accurate for me. Allah exists in light and all living creatures need light to live..

Islamic Prayer
Submitted By:
It was my mother's favorite prayer, and now that she has passed away, I feel close to her by saying her favorite prayer...

al 'imran
Submitted By:
It's just so beautiful. That I used it all the time when I feel blue..

Submitted By:
I think this is a very hopefuly prayer. And I recite it every evening..


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